Turbid Hot-Spring Hotel


Turbid  Hot-Spring Hotel

In Japan, many hot springs are filtered to ensure a clean look. The springs are colorless and transparent. However, for many hot spring icons, they would prefer colored springs. Hence, the turbid hot-spring is in vogue. Turbid hot-springs are usually situated among mountains, so the traffic is not convenient. It is highly possible that you would become the first one to the turbid hot spring and is recommend to those adventurous people.

  • Shiobara Onsen / Myogaya Honkan

    Shiobara Onsen / Myogaya Honkan
    It is two and a half hours from Tokyo to Shiobara Onsen. The open-air bath of Myogaya Honkan is well introducted in the tourist guide book. Walking down the long wooden stairs, you will find the river flowing with brown open-air bath sitting beside. You can listen to the sound of the river while immerse yourself in nostalgia. This bath is the mixed bathing, and the open-air baths of nearby hotels are also available.
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  • Manza Onsen / Manza Kogen Hotel

    Manza Onsen / Manza Kogen Hotel
    Manza Hot Spring Resort is a highland tourist resort located 1800 meters above the sea level with golf course and skiing ground. The original sorce of hot spring is milky. The color changes to blue with the sky shadow in the daytime. It brings you the sense of dreamy illusion with the lighting at night. Manza Kogen Hotel is comparatively reasonably and attracts many family guests.
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  • Shirahone Onsen / Shirafuneso Shintaku Ryokan

    Shirahone Onsen / Shirafuneso Shintaku Ryokan
    Shirahone Onsen is one of the best "turbid hot spring"that everybody konws about. It is 5 hours from Tokyo. Few foreign guests visit this hot spring and if you know Japan well enough, you must not miss the chance to come here. At the hot spring bath at Shirafuneso Shintaku Ryokan, there is natural, fresh, and milky water ejected from underground. This is implied by the white lime on the wood. You can taste the healthy food made of local ingredients.
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