A Hotle with Open Bath For Your Enjoyment


A Hotle with Open Bath For Your Enjoyment

In Japan, an outdoor bath is usually called an open-air bath. It may be different from what you imagined. We would like to introduce you here a hotel with open bath. Whether it is made by digging in the earth, or build up with rocks, you are sure to be satisfied. Moreover, while bathing in it, you could enjoy the star-dotted sky, or have a overlook at the setting sun down to the sea or the rising sun, or enjoy the beautiful snow scenary with great pleasure.

  • Isawa Onsen /  Hotel Hatta

    Isawa Onsen / Hotel Hatta
    It takes 90 minutes by JR Express train from Shinjuku Station, Tokyo to Isawa Onsen. Isawa is famous for the production of grapes and peaches.
    It is generally acknowledged that the open-air garden hot spring bath surrounded by rocks in Hotel Hatta is effective for relieving fatigue and beauty.
    Since the water temperature differs by the baths, guests who cannot resist the heat temperature can also enjoy themselves in the hot spring long enough.
    There are scenic hot springs on higher floors. It is wine bath where a sweet scent spreads. You can enjoy yourselves in the highly appreciated fragrant springs with the impulse to take a drink.
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  • Dogashima Onsen / Akuyu Sanshiro

    Dogashima Onsen / Akuyu Sanshiro
    Dogashim Hot Spring is situated in the west of Izu Peninsula that swarms with hot springs. It is 3 hours from Tokyo. All rooms of the Akuyu Sanshiro have a wide view over the sea. You can relax in the open-air hot spring bath facing the sea while enjoy the glowing sunset or the twinkling stars in the night sky.
    Deluxe dinner made of fresh fish and shellfish will be served in the hotels of Izu Peninsula.
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  • Senami Onsen / Taikanso Senami no Yu

    Senami Onsen / Taikanso Senami no Yu
    Facing the Sea of Japan, Senami Hot Spring Resort is 3 hours from Tokyo. It is famous for the beautiful sunset. The open-air bath is surrounded by rocks along the sea. You can relax in the hot spring while enjoy the beautiful setting sun sinking in the sea.
    Free rental color Yukata for female guests. Graceful figures can be seen everywhere around the hotel, which brings you with a splendid view.
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