Mt. Fuji view facility


Mt. Fuji view facility

Mt. Fuji is located on the border of Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefecture. The height is 3776m from sea level and the highest mountain in Japan. It is said that Mt. Fuji seen from Shizuoka Prefecture is Omote (front)- Fuji and the view from Yamanashi Prefecture is Ura (back)- Fuji. Mt. Fuji and surrounding area are crowded with people who enjoy the natural landscape, spa and outdoor sports year round. This time, we introduce the facilities which are able to see an attracting view of Mt. Fuji. We especially recommend such facilities Mt. Fuji are seen from the room. Monopolize the view of Mt. Fuji! Please take this opportunity to enjoy the spectacular view of Mt. Fuji together with onsen.

  • Encounter with Mt. Fuji in Hakone

    Encounter with Mt. Fuji in Hakone
    The views of Mt. Fuji shown from Hakone with the distance are the magnificent sights with the skirts. Mt. Fuji seen from Owakudani shows the beautiful wings and from the lakeside promenade of Lake Ashinoko, Mt. Fuji is like a picture postcard. Sometimes in case of foggy day, Mt. Fuji looks like floating in the cloud.
  • Encounter with Mt. Fuji in Lake Kawaguchiko

    Encounter with Mt. Fuji in Lake Kawaguchiko
    Speaking of home territory of Mt. Fuji, it is Fuji-Kawaguchiko Town. You can see Mt. Fuji at a shot distance from throughout the town. There are a number of viewpoints and recommendations. From Lake Kawaguchiko, Mt fuji is seen an inverted image reflected in the water. From the north shore of Lake Motosuko, it shows as designed for 1000 yen note. From Lake Shojinko, Mt Fuji looks like holding Mt. Omuro in his arm and said Kodaki Fuji ( Mt. Fuji holding a child).
  • Encounter with Mt. Fuji in Suruga Bay

    Encounter with Mt. Fuji in Suruga Bay
    Mt. Fuji is visible from Izu and it is recommend visiting the season it gets cold! There are many viewing points dotted in Suruga Bay. Mt.Fuji is seen by mysterial figures such as Red Fuji dyed by sunrise, and Floating Fuji on the sea.

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