Hokkaido is the island, located in the most north of Japan. Covering 22% of the total area of Japan, the island has a full of nature beauties in each four seasons which attracts many visitors. The local food culture varies with regeons in the island. Please enjoy the various local food.

The Sapporo Snow Festival

Asahikawa city Asahiyama Zoo

Otaru canal

Kaisen Don (Sashimi Bowl)

Sounkyo Ice Waterfall Festival



Abashiri/Shiretoko/Kushiro/Tokachigawa Onsen

This area still remains the primival nature and ecosystem. Kushiro-shitsugen National Park is the largest marshland in Japan. Shiretoko the World Heritage, and Abashiri the town of floating ice are the famous features in this area. It is highly recommended for nature lovers.

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Recommended hotels and ryokan in Abashiri/Shiretoko/Kushiro/Tokachigawa Onsen