A Hotel With Private Bath


A Hotel With Private Bath

If you would like a family bath, the bathtub in the guest room would not seem large enough. It would also seem awkward to split the family into male bath and female bath. In the following hotels we introduce you next, there are private baths to rent for families. The rent time is usuary for 45~50 minutes at a price from free to 3000 yen. Most hotels would ask you to reserve when checking in, so we recommend you to register as soon as possible.

  • Kusatsu Onsen / Naraya

    Kusatsu Onsen / Naraya
    You could take the express bus from Tokyo Station or Shinjuku Station to Kusatsu Hot-Spring Resort by 4 hours, or it is convenient to take the JR Train from Ueno, Tokyo by 3 hours.
    The Nara House is located near the Yubatake, famous place of interest. It is a traditional Japanese hotel.
    There are two private open-air bath in the hotel.
    Rent price: from 2,100 to 3,150 yen for 45 minutes ( at March, 2010)
    JTO will help your reservation of the private open-air bath by request.
    (Please forgive in the case of no vacancy)
    Please click here for special offers at JTO.
  • Atagawa Onsen / Suiko

    Atagawa Onsen / Suiko
    It is very convenient to take the JR Train from Tokyo Station to Atagawa Hot-Spring Resort. It takes about 140 minutes.
    All rooms in Suiko are faced to the ocean with a splendid view. The hotel has two private open-air baths facing the sea with a beautiful scenary. Each bath is available for six people at the same time.
    At night, you could see the floating boats on the sea and the star-dotted sky, while you are bathing in the open-air bath.
    The price is 525 yen each per 50 minutes. ( at March, 2010). Please make a reservation while checking in.
    Please click here for special offers at JTO.
  • Hakone Miyanoshita Onsen / Musashino Bekkan

    Hakone Miyanoshita Onsen / Musashino Bekkan
    You could take the Odakyu Railway express train from Shinjuku station in Tokyo to Miyanoshita Hot-Spring Resort. It takes 120 minutes.
    All rooms in Musashino Hotel are floored with tatami. You could wear Yukata and Japanese socks to enjoy a good time in the hotel. There are three private open-air baths with different type. All are open for free of charge and every guest can enjoy.
    The restaurant provides the authentic Kaiseki dinner cooked with fresh ingredients in season. You are sure to enjoy the tasteful food.
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